Roadway Applications

REYNOLDS scraper applications include land forming, the excavation of roadbeds, transiting with the material over rough and soft ground areas to raise bridge ramps and precision grading the road sub base. Depositing road base aggregates with GPS/Laser equipped Ejector scrapers reduces the need for bulldozers, motor-graders, excavators and dumpers. REYNOLDS Scraper trains to 51 cubic yards (39 m3) efficiently transport material from a near by crushing plant and/or aggregate staging point and spread it on-grade with Laser precision.


Farm Roads
Precision Land forming with GPS/Laser controlled scrapers contributes to lower rice production costs. Level and graded field surfaces improve water distribution when the field is flushed and control soil moisture when drained for planting and harvesting. Where possible, you may eliminate unproductive ridges to gain productive land area. PivotDUMP CarryAll scrapers can be used in tandem with open front EJECTOR models to both finish and periodically maintain the field grade. In dry and free flowing sandy and organic soils, the "CFB" models perform both functions.


Land Forming
Short haulage distances in building roads and bridge ramps make REYNOLDS scrapers a cost effective alternative to excavators and dump trucks. The speed of loading and spreading material on-the-go without stopping is a distinct cost advantage. Loading bank soil at a relatively shallow cutting depth ranging from 3 to 5 inches (7 to 12 cm) improves soil texture for spreading, drying, lime incorporation and compacting work. GPS/Laser controls are used to form precise subgrades and spread the road base aggregates. Topsoil can be deposited safely along shallow inclines where self-powered scrapers may experience stability problems.


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