Public Works Applications

New Airport developments and expansions involve grading large acreages with millions of cubic yards of earth moved. Our economical and highly maneuverable scrapers pulled by your 4-Wheel Drive agricultural tractors are also capable of excavating the rainwater run-off channels, sediment collection ponds, new road beds and constructing earthen noise protection barriers. The same tractors may pull your REYNOLDS ground compaction rollers, soil mixing harrows, water spraying trailers, and later seed and mow the grounds. Could these be the reasons the contractor of the runway improvements in Memphis, Tennessee selected REYNOLDS PivotDUMP scraper tandems of 28 yd3 (21 m3) capacity?


Beach Restoration
Constant loss of both beach sand and shorelines requires preventive and rehabilitative work to preserve and protect property and wildlife. Our "LGP" Low Ground Pressure PivotDUMP Scrapers are well suited to work in this environment. Removing large amounts of sand from roads and parking lots after storms can be very cost effective for developers and municipalities. Our simple scraper design has very few moving and wear parts to reduce downtime and maintenance cost in a corrosive salt water and abrasive environment.


Sanitary Landfill
Municipalities and contractors can greatly benefit from using pulled REYNOLDS scrapers to prepare, operate and rehabilitate sites. It begins with the removal and stockpiling of the original soil overburden for later re-establishing the natural environment for wildlife and recreational activities, to excavating the landfill cell, sealing it with clay and applying daily soil cover to control rodents, insects and offensive odors. Because REYNOLDS scrapers pulled by agricultural tractors are very economical to own and operate, they are preferred by communities and contractors alike.


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