Mining Applications

Clay and Kaolin
Mining operations involve the removal of overburden, the excavation and transport of the mineral to the processing point and environment rehabilitation work. These tasks demand equipment which can provide a constant material supply, is simple to maintain and requires the lowest possible investment. Our PivotDUMP RoughOUT scrapers have proven their reliability and cost effectiveness in numerous such operations. REYNOLDS Scraper trains of (3) three 17CS12 with a total of 51 cubic yard haulage capacity (39 m3) offer a cutting blade design with a permanently protruding, serrated center section to facilitate self-loading with minimum horse power requirements.


Diatomaceous Earth
Our RoughOUT scrapers can load almost any bank material without large rocks, such as homogeneous Diatomaceous Earth. Some minerals may require either ripping to facilitate the loading process or top-loading by an excavator into the scraper while the bucket rests on the ground. Our economical Scrapers are also successfully used to self-load, transport and unload many other minerals into the processing conveyor. Open pit mines who both remove and later replace the soil overburden for environmental reasons, find REYNOLDS scrapers to be most cost effective.


Sand and Gravel
REYNOLDS scrapers pulled by either Four Wheel drive or Rubber Track Power Units can economically remove the soil and or clay overburden and transport the Bank Gravel directly to the receiving conveyor. Deposits containing large boulders are not suitable for scrapers. Depending on the size of the operation and travel distances, PivotDUMP CarryAll scraper tandems from 20 to 36 cubic yard (15 to 27 m3) capacity are very popular. The RoughOUT scraper models 16CS10 and 17CS12 offer a three piece cutting blade with a strong, permanently protruding center STINGER section for cutting into harder deposits.


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