Environmental Applications

Flood Control
Every year, the Mississippi River floods challenge communities, farms and infrastructure along its banks with loss of lives, crops and businesses. Hence, the US Army Corps of Engineers continue improving and expanding the protective structures and contracting earthen levees and drainage ways in the flood plains. Heavy wet soils require short distance transport over soft, sticky ground to raise dams by depositing material on steep grades and narrow ridges. Both the REYNOLDS Ejector and "LGP" Low Ground Pressure PivotDump scrapers are used to economically build these structures under almost any weather conditions.


Cleaning up the Environment in abandoned brown coal and other mining operations, old munitions factories etc., is a top priority for many Governments. Where possible, the old pits are cleaned, ravines leveled and covered with soil for vegetation and the water table is left to rise forming lakes for recreational activities. Remediation projects use REYNOLDS scrapers for excavating the burial site and covering the mound with a shield of material including gravel, spread with our "LGP" Low Ground Pressure PivotDump scrapers to precise thickness, using GPS technology.


After hurricanes deluged areas in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Homestead, Florida, the US Army Corps of Engineers channelized the Kissimmee River to improve drainage efficiency in Central Florida. However, the resulting environmental impact on Lake Okeechobee became so severe that it was decided to backfill the 43 Mile long canal to recreate the original meandering Kissimmee River route, restoring some 27000 acres of wetlands for waterfowl, native animals and vegetation. REYNOLDS Low Ground Pressure scrapers were chosen to move the old spoil material over swampy ground to backfill the canal.


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