Agricultural Applications

Row Crops
Grading the land to create field conditions not always provided by nature has become an economic necessity.  Benefits include ease and speed of tillage, planting cultivating, and harvesting; and above all can ensure the ideal soil moisture for healthy plant development.  GPS/Laser Controlled REYNOLDS scrapers ranging from 6 to 24 feet working width (1,8 to 7,3 m) are specifically designed for precision land grading to minimize soil erosion and to increase productive acreage by reducing the number of irrigation and drainage ditches.


Rice Fields
Precision Land forming with GPS/Laser controlled scrapers contributes to lower rice production costs. Level and graded field surfaces improve water distribution when the field is flushed and control soil moisture when drained for planting and harvesting. Where possible, you may eliminate unproductive ridges to gain productive land area. PivotDUMP CarryAll scrapers can be used in tandem with open front EJECTOR models to both finish and periodically maintain the field grade. In dry and free flowing sandy and organic soils, the "CFB" models perform both functions.


Sugar Cane
Properly graded fields facilitate both soil moisture management and reduce water usage while increasing yields. Longer furrows and fewer ditches increase the area available for cultivation. More uniform seed germination and leaf canopy development reduce herbicide use. Graded field furrows drain better to mature the cane and speed harvesting machine operations. PivotDUMP CarryAll scraper models are used, often in Tandem with open front EJECTOR models, to both finish and grade the field periodically before replanting. In dry, free flowing and organic soils the "CFB" models can perform both functions.


Fish Ponds
Raising a healthy crop requires a pond designed to maintain a favorable environment. Catfish taste best when nurtured to maturity in clean, well aerated water basins excavated with REYNOLDS scrapers. Our economical scraper model 12P10 excavated and then LASER graded both the bottom and levees, using a 160 HP agricultural tractor. The versatility of REYNOLDS scrapers for farm road construction and maintenance, drainage way excavation and crop land GPS/LASER grading makes it a good investment.


Shrimp Ponds
These delicious little creatures are cultivated in either coastal sea water ponds or in mineral rich well water pumped from deep ancient ocean sea beds, producing "Desert Shrimp". The art of growing disease free morsels relies on either round or rectangular ponds of up to 10 acres excavated to provide a suitable water depth of five feet or deeper. Coastal area soils are often sandy, soft, corrosive and abrasive where REYNOLDS scrapers outperform conventional earthmovers. Larger operations can justify our "LGP" Low Ground Pressure PivotDUMP and RoughOUT scrapers pulled by 450 HP rubber track power units.


Waste Lagoons
Environmental Protection Agency regulations mandate Animal Feed Operations develop environmentally friendly manure handling and storage facilities and limit year round field application. Waste lagoons must resist overflow from excess rainfall and be sealed to avoid ground water contamination. REYNOLDS scrapers pulled by standard or "Scraper Special" agricultural tractors offer farmers an economic solution to excavate and line the lagoons with clay in compliance with Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans.



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